Siddalee Studios

After seeing the Keller's Bakery in Linthicum being gutted, I knew there was a perfect opportunity to turn this historic bakery into a custom photography studio! The huge open warehouse space and the adorable charming storefront matched my personality and brand perfectly. I salvaged as much as I could and turned ordinary bakery equipment into extraordinary decor! 

Months of hard work, physical labor, Pinterest searching and lots and lots of Pizza, and here we are ready to serve you portraits! I love the 1800 square feet that we call Siddalee Studios.

I could never have done this without my family, especially my husband who did all the hard construction work. Somehow he never looked at me like my ideas were too much, even when I said lets use faux brick, or that pastry encrusted whisk is the PERFECT light! My friends, especially Janet and her daughter, and my new friends at Aviation Velo, and Carmelo's - I thank you! You kept my spirits up, your stored my heavy tables, you helped me realize my dreams, you fed me when I was starving. And I am forever grateful.

This studio will make your portrait experience so much more unique, and will help save time as we have multiple amenities now. Come in and browse through all the unique props, have a cup of coffee, change in the dressing room, and utilize multiple backdrop stations. 

This place is a dream come true for me. Take a peek at my brand new studio space in Linthicum at 509 Camp Meade Rd, right down the street from BWI Airport.